Flexibility & sustainability

As we truly believe that each of us have unique wishes, our products are designed with modular components. Our lives and needs constantly change, that is why we bet on the adaptability over time.

Everyday life improvisation

Handle anything that life throws at you with one smart bag (that hides a couple others)

We believe in improvisation as fulfillment and discovery factor. Along is the tool that allow you to easily switch activities, avoid you to miss opportunities and make you be more flexible and free. No need anymore to bring several bags for the day, one smart bag can hide two others.


Functions & convenience

For us, ease of use is more important than the rest according to a production process which ensures robustness.


Design thinking

We listened to hundreds of people to inspire our design and proved that design by rigorous, real-world prototype testing. By 300 persons have been asked about the needs and functions they would like to find in the bag upstream the project. We only kept the most recurring ones to offer a product that meets most of us needs. 17 models have been tried by our future users in order to design the final bag. We believe in testing and are always grateful to hear from your ideas and remarks to develop our products.


Just what you need

Modular, so you only buy what you need.


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