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3 bags in 1

Thanks to its adaptable volume system and its shoulder bag mode, you can bring it wherever the day takes you: work, the gym or even on a Weekend.

Mary Poppins would be jealous

The bag has a capacity of 30 liters, so you can leave for either a day or the entire weekend. Thanks to its extendable design made from Cordura and adjustable compression straps on the bottom and sides, you can bring BaSe with you anywhere from work to dinner at Grandma’s.

2 different ways to carry the bag

You can easily go from backpack to a professional shoulder bag just by a simple adjustment. You can also open the bag from either the top or the side.

Change the color of your straps as much as you want.

With a removable strap, you have unlimited choices of color.

Protect your devices

The back made of foam is entirely designed to take care of your computer and of your back, even throughout your craziest adventures.

Keep your hands free

We like backpacks because of the freedom they give us. Thanks to Along bag, you can ride a bike hands free.

Plouf !

Our removable waterproof "dirty bag" compartment protects other items in your backpack safe from dirt and moisture while you're off exploring the world.

Flexible to your needs

“Plouf” is the very first of the removable compartments collection. The latest can be ordered separately and add a new functionality to your existing bag. From the adjustable strap to the removable compartments, your bag is customizable according to all your needs and wishes.

Don’t waste hours to find your belongings

As we like being able to see inside our bag, the main opening is very large and the inside is a clear grey color. Keys can also be attached to a little hook inside to avoid losing them.

Use it even under the rain

Designed with waterproof materials, the bag is resistant to the elements.

When there is no more room, there is still some left…

You can attach whatever you want with the front strap.

What does Along mean?

Getting there is half  the fun (maybe more). Bring us, Along!  

Along reminds us that the path you take is always more important than the final destination.

Along is the brand that supports you in your everyday life, it is your best friend, your favorite tool to enjoy the everyday life journey.


Designer and founder of Along, Alix lives in Paris and enjoys the energy of the city when she’s not traveling. She likes to dance, climb, swim... In 2012, after 4 years studying design in Strasbourg, she integrated into the Men & Mobility department at the Eindhoven Design Academy, strengthening her interest for nomadic objects. Therefore, in 2017, she created the bag she dreamt of for years. The bag that would correspond to all her wishes, and follow her along her daily activities, at work, at the gym, or over a weekends.

Japan and simplicity

While designing her backpack, Alix was inspired by the minimalist nomads around the world and left for Japan to understand the Art of Simplicity. She took a 40 Liter bag with her for 3 months and started to throw, sort, and choose, over the course of her trip. All these choices made her understand what was most important and provided lightness and freedom. Like hikers, she optimized her bag by packing everything in small compartments.

Back in France, she kept developing BaSe bag, which would introduce unexpected adventures in the urban everyday life.

What we mean by adventure

The adaptable bag idea was born from the wish to create relaxing moments, exciting, creative, and athletic activities during the week. The idea was also to meet the nomadic worker’s needs, that commute between clients’, office and coffee shops. The journey is not only at the edge of the world, it is also in the everyday life of many of us: city explorers, party lovers, active parents, urban athletes… This is what we call the Urban Adventure!

A community of the bold

The project is supported by athletes, workers and everyday life explorers like Marco, Stéphanie and Maëva.

Do you have a talent? Are you an adventurer? Contact us


Our Philosophie


Flexibility & sustainability

As we truly believe that each of us have unique wishes, our products are designed with modular components. Our lives and needs constantly change, that is why we bet on the adaptability over time.

Everyday life improvisation

Handle anything that life throws at you with one smart bag (that hides a couple others)

We believe in improvisation as fulfillment and discovery factor. Along is the tool that allow you to easily switch activities, avoid you to miss opportunities and make you be more flexible and free. No need anymore to bring several bags for the day, one smart bag can hide two others.


Just what you need

Modular, so you only buy what you need.


Functions & convenience

For us, ease of use is more important than the rest according to a production process which ensures robustness.


Design thinking

We listened to hundreds of people to inspire our design and proved that design by rigorous, real-world prototype testing. By 300 persons have been asked about the needs and functions they would like to find in the bag upstream the project. We only kept the most recurring ones to offer a product that meets most of us needs. 17 models have been tried by our future users in order to design the final bag. We believe in testing and are always grateful to hear from your ideas and remarks to develop our products.


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